MAC Interviews: Catalina Cordova, Louisville’s Census Coordinator

By Aaron Burch The 2020 United States Census begins March 12th. This once per decade event is an essential part of a functioning democracy. Every person counted assists state and federal government in allocating funds and proper representation in Congress. To help explain the Census process, as well as the behind the scenes work being [...]

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Prepare for the Upcoming Census

MAC is encouraging fellow citizens to actively participate in the upcoming 2020 census. The census takes place every 10 years and is essential to the progress of our communities. The results will show where communities need new schools, new health clinics, new roads and other services for families, older adults and children. They'll also inform [...]

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MAC Calls for Support of New Health Facility

Dr. Muhammad Babar, Founder of Muslim American for Compassion and President, Kentuckiana Geriatric and Palliative Services participated in an interfaith prayer during the annual luncheon of Louisville Urban League on Dec 6, 2019, and also made a donation of $5,000 for the Norton Sports Health Athletics & Learning Complex. Dr. Babar believes that redlining and other discriminatory practices [...]

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MAC Visits 2020 Physicians Day at the Capitol

MAC was proud to visit Frankfort for Physician's Day at the Capitol. So many physicians traveled to make their voices heard on health care. Dr. Muhammad Babar and Dr. Waqar Saleem were among those who chose to go and speak directly to legislators about health care policy. Dr. Saleem is also pictured with KMA Executive [...]

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What It Means To Be An American

Dr. Muhammad Babar spoke on January 28th, 2020 at the Louisville Boat Club Literary Society about the spirit of “What It Means To Be An American.” He shared his journey from home to home, from his land of birth Pakistan to his adopted homeland of America. He mentioned that Islam and Muslims are not aliens [...]

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Muslim Jewish Advisory Council Meets for First Time

The first meeting of the newly formed Muslim Jewish Advisory Council took place Tuesday, January 28th. Several Muslim Americans for Compassion board members were in attendance: Dr. Muhammad Babar, Ozair Shariff and Dr. Waqar Saleem. The event served as an introduction of the new members and perspectives, but also gave the opportunity for the forming [...]

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The Central Truth of Christmas

I thank Dr. Babar for asking me to write a brief article about Christmas. I can only imagine what a non-Christian audience must think about a religious holiday that has turned into a frenzied shopping spree! If you don’t know how that happened to a beautiful religious day, I will tell you in a moment. The date [...]

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Dr. Saleem is Working with UK Students on Website Design

MAC Vice President Dr. Waqar Saleem also serves as Community Faculty at University of Kentucky. Dr. Saleem recently visited campus UK for “student project prototypes for webpage designs.” This was the final presentation by University students to end their semester. They did exemplary work to improve design and layout on two different webpages. Dr. [...]

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