MAC and DHC Share COVID-19 News Archive

Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic arrived, leaders from Muslim Americans for Compassion and Doctors for Healthy Communities have sprung into action. Our leaders have built partnerships, called others to action, and given of their time and resources to help ease the pain, anxiety and suffering caused by COVID-19. We've collected many of the news articles [...]

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MAC Speaks on Social Distancing

Muslim Americans for Compassion (MAC) is humbled to be part of Muslim Community of Louisville's Covid-19 Response Team. The team has done a wonderful job in increasing community awareness about social distancing. It has also served over 100 families in need by providing necessary food and hygiene items. Special thanks to local Islamic Centers for [...]

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Prepare for the Upcoming Census

MAC is encouraging fellow citizens to actively participate in the upcoming 2020 census. The census takes place every 10 years and is essential to the progress of our communities. The results will show where communities need new schools, new health clinics, new roads and other services for families, older adults and children. They'll also inform [...]

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The Central Truth of Christmas

I thank Dr. Babar for asking me to write a brief article about Christmas. I can only imagine what a non-Christian audience must think about a religious holiday that has turned into a frenzied shopping spree! If you don’t know how that happened to a beautiful religious day, I will tell you in a moment. The date [...]

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MAC at the Faith Over Fear Training Program

The Faith Over Fear two day training program, developed to equip faith leaders and communities with effective strategies for better advocating against anti-Muslim bigotry, took place November 10th and 11th. MAC President Dr. Muhammad Babar served as a guest panelist for a "Strategies for Engagement & Change" panel discussion which focused on key ways to [...]

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Compassionate Louisville Expands

It was eight years ago this month when Mayor Greg Fischer announced the Compassionate Louisville campaign. Now the program has announced a significant expansion and nonprofit. The announcement was made at Semple Elementary School, one of the 24 schools in JCPS that embraces the compassionate curriculum. “We are basically going to Compassionate Louisville 2.0,” said [...]

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MAC Enjoys “Chocolate Dreams”

Dr. Waqar Saleem visited the Mellwood Art Center for the 14th Annual “Chocolate Dreams” fundraising event benefiting Elderserve. Dr. Saleem also serves as an Elderserve Board Member. Thank you to everyone who attended for making the evening a huge success.   Dr. Saleem with Elderserve Executive Director Julie Guenhthner

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MAC Visits “Repairing the World”

MAC President Dr. Muhammad Babar attended a very special event on Tuesday, October 22. "Repairing the World Through Music and Story: An Interfaith Evening of Music and Hope" was hosted by the Jewish Federation of Louisville and the Center for Interfaith Relations and featured Grammy-award winning violin virtuoso Johnny Gandelsman. The evening was comprised of [...]

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