In December 2023, MAC supported The Roll Call Foundation helping four disabled children get adaptive bikes. The goal is to provide individuals with disabilities an adaptive bike called AmTryke. Each one custom built for their needs and abilities.

The Roll Call Foundation is a Louisville based nonprofit. According to their webpage, their mission is: “The Roll Call Foundation is dedicated to empowering and enhancing the lives of Veterans, first responders, families, children with special needs, and seniors. Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment where individuals can feel valued and included in daily life. We are committed to fostering physical, mental, and emotional wellness through our equine-assisted therapy program and other therapeutic interventions.” For more info, visit their webpage at The Roll Call Foundation Inc – Providing the Needs of Veterans and First Responders, Assisting Those With PTSD Anxiety Depression, 501c3

MAC is proud to support The Roll Call Foundation who are providing support to veterans, first responders, special kids with needs, older adults, and their families.