Dr. Muhammad Babar spoke on January 28th, 2020 at the Louisville Boat Club Literary Society about the spirit of “What It Means To Be An American.”

He shared his journey from home to home, from his land of birth Pakistan to his adopted homeland of America. He mentioned that Islam and Muslims are not aliens to America. Mustafa Azemmouri (Estevanico), who is often referred as the first great black man in America, was probably the first Muslim to land on the shores of America in 1528.

Dr. Babar stated that he is enamored with the American philanthropic spirit of giving back to the community. He mentioned the work of Doctors for Healthy Communities (DHC) in improving the health of our community especially students of JCPS.
Dr. Babar mentioned that God Almighty loves diversity and that’s why created us in different forms and shapes to cherish our humanity. He highlighted the interfaith outreach of Muslim Americans for Compassion (MAC) including the annual interfaith dinner, lunches for 9/11 first responders and various other initiatives.

Dr. Babar speaking on “What It Means To Be An American”