Gov. Andy Beshear has won his re-election to lead Kentucky for another four years. There are many reasons to consider his win as a victory for common Kentuckians from all spheres of life. Beshear’s win ensures that Kentucky continues to move forward in many key areas where he has made significant contributions as governor including education, economy and health.

During his first term, Beshear made public education a priority in the commonwealth of Kentucky. He has implemented various initiatives and policies to improve the quality of education in the state. This includes increasing funding for public schools, investing in early childhood education, and expanding career and technical education programs.

Beshear has also focused on increasing teacher salaries and providing incentives for teachers to stay in Kentucky. Additionally, he is expanding access to technology and internet connectivity for students, especially in rural areas.

“This project will create 2,000 great jobs of the future,” said Gov. Andy Beshear during the announcement of the $2 billion investment by Envision AESC Group for the planned 30Gwh gigafactory in Bowling Green. The plant will manufacture electric vehicle batteries. April 13, 2022

Andy Beshear is a visionary leader who has worked towards diversifying Kentucky’s industries and promoting innovation to ensure long-term and sustainable economic growth.

Since becoming governor, Beshear has secured almost $30 billion new private sector investments and created approximately 49,000 full time jobs. Andy catalyzed $8 billion investment in electric vehicle battery manufacturing plants in Hardin and Warren Counties. It will ensure that Kentucky not only retain existing electric vehicle manufacturing industry but will be in a much stronger position to expand it.

Health care access and reproductive rights matter to Beshear. Beshear realizes that Kentucky is among the bottom ten unhealthiest states of the union. That is why he has strived hard to expand health care access to all corners of the state.

Under his leadership, efforts have been made to address mental health, substance abuse and addiction, ensuring that individuals receive the support they need.

Beshear believes that decisions about reproductive health are basic rights of women that should be made in consultation with their healthcare providers, and without interference from the government.

Beshear showed leadership and compassion during the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic was once a lifetime health care challenge with unknown and unprecedented consequences. Beshear, rather than playing wait-and-see, decisively implemented necessary measures to protect Kentuckians including implementing mask mandates, social distancing protocols and promoting vaccination.

Beshear’s steadfast and compassionate leadership guided Kentuckians through the most difficult and unpredictable time of their lives with daily updates and resources to ensure the safety and well-being of Kentuckians. Due to his prompt measures, thousands of lives were saved in the commonwealth of Kentucky.

Beshear has navigated national disasters as governor. Beshear’s compassion is boundless and endless which has been shown time and time again when citizens across Kentucky faced so many natural disasters in the last four years.

Beshear has shown strong leadership and support for the communities that were affected by natural calamities. For instance, in response to the devastating tornado that struck Western Kentucky, Beshear promptly mobilized state resources, including the National Guard, to provide rescue, relief, and recovery efforts.


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Similarly, when Eastern Kentucky faced severe flooding, Andy Beshear responded quickly to address the situation. He coordinated emergency response efforts, deployed resources to affected areas, and provided assistance to those affected by the floods. His action combined with compassion showcased his commitment to helping Kentuckians recover from these tragic natural disasters.

Earlier this year, on April 10, Kentucky was hit hard by a mass shooting at an Old National Bank branch in Louisville which resulted in the loss of five citizens with many more injured. I personally witnessed the kindness and compassion of an emotional Beshear away from the lights of cameras. Beshear was somehow able to compose himself while reassuring everyone with teary eyes that we will make it through.

Gov. Beshear stands against hatred. Beshear is a family man with a strong faith who believes in diversity and equality for all irrespective of race, religion, gender and sexual orientation.

In September 2015, Louisville Islamic Center was vandalized with messages of hate painted on its walls. Beshear, then Attorney General, could not attend cleanup efforts due to an official business. But he made sure that his wonderful wife and children were present among hundreds of other citizens to paint away hatred with love.

The Swaminarayan Hindu Temple, Louisville was vandalized in 2019 and Beshear made sure to stand with the community to show his strong commitment to safeguard the rights of all Kentuckians irrespective of their belief systems.

Beshear has won the hearts of Kentuckians with his decent and kind personality. In a time and age when the loudest and most divisive voices have become the norm of politics in the USA, the calming demeanor of Andy Beshear is appreciated by Kentuckians from different political backgrounds. He has proven that politicians can agree to disagree while remaining civil and kind to each other. He has shown that politicians could still win offices by bringing citizens together rather than creating divisions of us versus them.

With Beshear’s win, Kentucky has opted to continue to make strides to bridge its health, economic and quality of life disparities with other states of union rather than being dragged back to a standstill future. Similarly Kentuckians have chosen to love each other unconditionally over a rhetoric of hatred and bigotry.

It is about time to show the rest of America and the World that we, Kentuckians, are people of faith and values who want a bright and secure future for coming generations right here in our beautiful Commonwealth of Kentucky, a piece of heaven on earth.

Dr. Muhammad Babar is president of Muslim Americans for Compassion and Doctors for Healthy Communities. He is serving as board member at Dare to Care, Family Community Clinic, Center for Interfaith Relations, Muhammad Ali Center, Kentucky Refugee Ministries and Kentucky Council on postsecondary education.