On Tuesday, September 22nd, at Waterfront Park, Interfaith Paths to Peace (IPP) hosted a prayer service with numerous faith leaders in attendance. The event took place one day prior to the Breonna Taylor decision, an event that escalated continued protest, anger and sadness across Louisville.

“Our city is hurting and the people of our city are hurting and where there is suffering people begin to pray,” Sarah Reed, managing director of Center for Interfaith Relations told the crowd of several dozen that had gathered.

MAC’s own Waqar Saleem, MD, spoke. He called for prayers of unity, hope, strength and wisdom. Read his full text below. To watch the entire event, visit https://www.facebook.com/632890189/posts/10159278490060190/?extid=TsG3V07AE8BN4VSd&d=n.

Following the Breonna Taylor decision, IPP hosted a Twelve-Hour Online Prayer and Reflection Vigil for the city (8:00 AM to 8:00 PM). Prayers, songs, poems, reflections, and chants were offered on the hour and half hour.

Interfaith Paths to Peace is calling for a regular Sundown Candle Lighting and Silent Prayer starting Wednesday, September 23rd and going through the election season. They ask that all Louisvillians, at 8:00 PM, light a candle and stand at a street corner in their neighborhood as a sign of offering love and healing presence to our city.

For coverage of the “Louisville Prays” event, visit WLKY or Wave3.


Words from Dr. Saleem:
Thank you Jud & IPP for arranging this gathering of prayer. Thank you to each one of you for being here. 

My name is Waqar Saleem, I represent MAC and the Muslim community. 

We all know our motherland, my adopted homeland is going through some tough times. We are dealing with issues like social injustice, poverty, climate change, income inequality, violence, inadequate healthcare, racial intolerance and political divisiveness. 

So let’s pray together to give us understanding that we are better off united than divided. 

Let’s pray for our political leaders to give them wisdom to look beyond red and blue states; and one united country. 

Let’s pray for our religious leader and every person of faith to open doors for others, not just the physical ones of their place of worship; but doors of their heart. 

Let’s pray for our healthcare providers to stay strong during this pandemic with the hope that one day we will have healthcare for all. 

Let’s pray for people of worldly power and wealth to spread their fortunes with the less fortunate, 

Let’s pray for every country in the world to deal with issues like climate change, wars, social and racial injustice. 

Let’s pray that we can look past the color of skin, religion, sexual orientation and nationality to strive for love and compassion for all. 

Thank you.”